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Yacht Carpet Cleaning

Boat Carpet Cleaning Newport Beach

Getting your boat carpets cleaned periodically is a must to maintain the aesthetics of your boat.

For most of the boats, the base carpet comes integrated with the body. Boat carpet cleaning is a tough task if you are not a professional in this matter so when your carpets are in need of a deep cleaning, using an expert boat carpet cleaner is the way to go.

Boat Carpets Get Dirty Quickly

Boat carpets can get dirty and unclean in no time. Too much exposure to the salt water without deep cleaning makes them damp and unhygienic. Too much ocean and sun damages the fabric as well as the color of the carpet. The reasons for which you should clean your boat carpet are:

  • If you are a regular boater, then it is very likely that your boat carpet gets soaked constantly. A damp carpet can shift the humidity to the wood or fiberglass deck of your boat. This will eventually end up eating away wooden platform and damaging your whole boat.
  • Boat carpets are not that easy to replace. If you clean the carpets regularly, then the carpet will eventually get damaged and would need replacing. Finding the perfect boat carpet as replacement may prove to be a headache to you. To avoid that, keep cleaning your boat carpet regularly.


  • The material of the carpet may get damaged to too much exposure to sun, water and salt
  • The color and designs may disappear and prints will get uglier
  • The carpet may start to get worn in the corners
  • The thickness and softness of your boat carpet will get damaged as well.

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For a deep cleaning, it is best to to look for professional help. This will guarantee that the carpets are being cleaned by the professionals and extend the life of your carpets.

Surfside Carpet has been in business here in Orange County and Newport Beach for over two decades. We are licensed and insured with both mobile and truck-mounted equipment for cleaning boats, homes and commercial properties.

We are experts in cleaning carpets on all sizes and styles of boats. We also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy with our work, we will come back and make it right, no questions asked.

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