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Upholstery Cleaning

We all have that favorite room in our homes, usually with our favorite or most comfortable pieces of furniture.

Furniture is NOT inexpensive to replace and you might have a chair or piece of furniture that has sentimental value or is the most comfortable thing you have ever owned and you don’t want to part with it.

The problem is that your upholstered furniture gets used ever day and between age, spills, wear and tear and the environment, your upholstery can become stained, faded and dull.

Getting your upholstery cleaned regularly keeps your favorite chair looking like new, maintains the decor of your home and is better for your air quality, too..

Removes Allergens

Upholstery fabrics act as filters for indoor air; they trap debris, dirt and airborne particles. If the fabric does not get regular cleaning, it becomes a food source for micro organisms and bacteria that can end up affecting the people occupying that room.

Upholstery cleaning ensures all these particle are removed from the furniture and disinfected.

Maintains the Beauty of Your Furniture

Regular steaming and shampooing are perfect ways of keeping furniture newer. Some spots and spills may be difficult to remove using other common methods. Cleaning your upholstery transforms your worn-out and faded furniture back to like-new conditions.

Clean, Fresh-smelling Furniture

Most fabrics absorb bad smells from their surroundings. If you’ve been a smoker or have kept some pets inside the house, you must have noticed some funny smells that are difficult to remove. Using air fresheners or scented cleaning products only helps in suppressing those odors rather than remove them. Upholstering cleaning is an effective way of removing odor thus ensuring fresh smell

Regular cleaning is the most important aspect in prolonging the lifespan of upholstered furniture. Many of our clients schedule their furniture to be cleaned during one of their regularly scheduled carpet cleaning services.

Leather Furniture Cleaning

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