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Seal Beach Carpet Cleaning

If you live in the Seal Beach area and are in search of professionals who specialize in carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, boat or yacht carpet cleaning or even water damage repair, look no further than Surfside Carpet!  Our professionals are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and focus on:

Quality carpet cleaning:  Carpets are beautiful until they become stained or have a build-up of dirt, mud, and other things from regular wear.  While carpet cleaning companies claim to make them like new, we actually stand behind our promises!

Pet urine odor and stain removal:  We receive many requests for this service and we take pride in getting our clients the best possible results when it comes to removing these tough stains and the odor that accompanies them.

Upholstery cleaning:  Over time, upholstered furniture gets dusty, dingy, and stained.  Upholstery cleaning brings back that fresh, new look to your furnishings leaving them smelling fresh and clean.

Tile cleaning:  You can scrub tiles and grout until you think they are beyond help – and their appearance may be embarrassing.  When you want your tile and grout to look like new, count on our tile cleaning services!

Rug cleaning:  Area and oriental rugs add color and beauty to your home, but they collect dust, dirt, and everything that crosses them.  Our rug cleaning services are unmatched.

Hardwood floor cleaning services:  You dust, mop, and still, your hardwood floors just don’t have that rich gleam they did when new.  With our hardwood floor cleaning you will enjoy the beauty and luster your floors originally had.

Boat and yacht carpet & upholstery cleaning:  Whether you go out on the lake every day or only use your yacht occasionally, you want the carpet clean!  Keep your investment looking like new with our boat/yacht carpet cleaning services.

Water damage repair:  Whether due to a leak or other issue, water is an extremely damaging element for homes.  With our water damage repair, you can trust that mold and other damage caused by water will be eliminated.

Air duct cleaning:  Why have the air ducts in your HVAC system cleaned?  They are a prime source of dust, dirt, allergens, and even rodent droppings.  Improve the quality of air in your home while reducing airborne contaminants that can make your family sick.

At Surfside Carpet we do much more than carpet cleaning, including tile, wood floors, air ducts, rugs, water damage repair and more.  Those in the Seal Beach area are urged to call 714-969-6041 for a free estimate!

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