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Water Damage Repair


Proper water damage repair and restoration can mean the difference between never knowing there was a leak –
to mold, medical bills, declined property value and more…

If there is one thing in the world a homeowner should never, never do – it’s try to repair water damage on their own – or worse, hire out to the lowest bidder.

Water damage cleanup and restoration is about much more than just getting things dried out, repaired or replaced. The key is you MUST remove all moisture and make sure everything is completely bone-dry BEFORE repairing or replacing any walls or flooring. If you don’t, you may be looking at mold related illnesses, possible loss of property value, lawsuits and more.

Mold Loves It Damp, Dark and Cool

Mold grows in a damp, dark and cool environment. If you suffer from a water leak, pipe bursting or flood, repair the leak and there is any moisture at all in the walls or floors – and you don’t get it dried out – when you repair your floors and walls and seal everything up, the mold will start to grow.

This will lead to the dreaded “Black Mold” that you hear about from homeowners who are buying or selling a house and mold is discovered upon the inspection for sale.

Worse, if mold grows in your walls, it can lead to health problems down the road, as mold has been linked to respiratory issues and more.

You Want To Perform Repairs BEFORE Any Mold Grows

What makes these repairs even more critical is once there is mold in your walls and floors – it is FAR more expensive, time consuming and invasive to go in and have the mold cleaned and sterilized AFTER the mold has spread. This involves re-opening all the areas that were wet – usually replacing anything with mold on it – and it usually requires industrial air cleaners, moving out of the space that is being sterilized of mold, environmental inspections and much more.

In short, it is a huge headache and very painful to the old pocketbook.

From flooding, pipe leaks, slab leaks, roof leaks and more, we are experts in residential and business repairs and restoration caused and we are certified in using the latest technology. From large companies to residential homeowners, Surfside Carpet has tackled restoration jobs from multi-storied office buildings to single family homes, to townhouses and condominiums.

This service is something you do NOT want to award to the lowest bidder, nor try to do yourself. Keep yourself and your family safe from mold, health problems, declining property values or worse and hire a professional water damage repair company in Huntington Beach like Surfside Carpet today.

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