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Pet Odor Stain Removal

Has your pet left your carpets or furniture stinky with pet odor & stains?

Other carpet cleaning companies all SAY they can remove pet odors and pet stains from your carpets or furniture, but have you ever hired someone to come try it, only to have them get some – or none – of the stains or smells out?

Did you know that almost ALL of the commercial or residential products that are available on the market for removing pet stains or pet odor DO NOT WORK?

Perry Fisser and Surfside Carpet Cleaning have come up with a pet stain removal and pet odor removal technique that goes AGAINST what everyone else tells you should do; as a matter of fact, when Perry has tried to expalin this technique to other carpet cleaners – they didn’t believe him.


The Secret to Removing Pet Odor and Stains – Especially Cat Urine – from Your Carpetpet odor stain removal

What most carpet cleaners do is clean the carpet normally, like they would anything else – and maybe add a deoderizer to the spots that have been sprayed or soiled.

The problem is, that is like spraying air freshner in a room where there is a pile of poop in the corner; once the air freshner goes away – there is still a pile of poop in the corner!

In order to get tough odors and stains out – like cat urine, which is the worst and toughest to remove – you have to penetrate down into the carpet fibers, padding – and sometimes even into the wood carpet strips that hold you carpet down – neutralize and then break down the chemicals and enzymes that are in the pet urine.

Only after you have done that – and THEN cleaned the carpets and thoroughly dried them – can you get the pet odors and stains out.

Other Carpet Cleaners Say They Can Remove Pet Stains and Pet Odors –Surfside Carpet Cleaning Guarantees It

Perry and Surfside Carpet Cleaning have been perfecting this technique for years and has a laundry list of happy customers who thought they would never be able to get the pet odors and pet stains removed from their carpets and furniture.

Perry is so confident that he can remove your pet stains and pet odors that he guarantees his work.

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