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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

How to Safely Deep Clean Your Dull, Lifeless Hardwood Floors and Restore Their Original Luster – WITHOUT Damaging the Finish, Spending Thousands to Replace or Making a Mess – with Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service

Hardwood floors can become dull, dirty and lifeless over time, just like carpet.

If you are like most people, you have probably gotten down on your hands and knees, along with a bucket and whatever concoction you looked up online under “Do It Yourself Hardwood Floor Cleaning” and tried to clean your floors yourself. Like most people, you probably aren’t happy with the results, either.

Now you are wondering if there is a way to deep clean your hardwood floors – just like you do your carpets, so you can protect your hardwood floor investment and restore your hardwood floors to their original, beautiful sheen – or if you are going to have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to replace your hardwood floors.

Don’t Spend Thousands and Thousands of Dollars to Replace Your Hardwood Floors – Rejuvinate and Clean Your Hardwood Floors Safely & Effectively with Our Intensive Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Restoration Service

Replacing your hardwood floors can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Fortunately, with Surfside Carpet Cleaning’s Intensive Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service, you can rejuvenate and clean your hardwood floor finish to its original luster, without damaging the finish.

Extend the life of your hardwood floors with our patented 5 Step Process that acts like a deep carpet cleaning, except it is for hardwood floors. We don’t just clean the surface dirt; we extract dirt hidden deep within the boards and grain of your hardwood floors, eliminating dirt, dust, oil and other contaminents, rejuvenating the original finish of your hardwood flooring and improving indoor air quality, too.

We do all of this with equipment that not only deep cleans your wood floors without damaging the finish, but also uses an exclusive water containment vacuum system the extracts the tough dirt and surface contaminents while leaving a dry floor immediately after

Protect Your Hardwood Flooring Investment, Extend the Life of Your Hardwood Floors & Restore Their Original Sheen with a Hardwood Floor Cleaning that is Easy and Worry Free

Because Surfside Carpet Cleaning specializes in Hardwood Floor Cleaning and every hardwood floor cleaning job is unique, the Intensive Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service is available by appointment only, and requires that we see your hardwood floors before we can recommend a course of action. With our 27 step checklist to evaluate your hardwood floor cleaning job, you are guaranteed to get the perfect solution to rejuvenating and restoring your hardwood floors.

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