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Top Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair Newport Beach


Water damage is caused mainly by flooding. But the damage can also occur from leaky faucets, broken pipes and damage in the water line.

Repairs should be done immediately as it may cause some serious damage to the structure of the building. Water can damage the walls and floors of the house and excess of moisture on the walls and ceilings can invite mold or mold spores.

As a homeowner who has had water damage, you want to hire a professional water damage restoration company. These professionals not only clear up the water logged inside the house, but they restore your home by drying it up, disinfecting and repairing the damages done by the water.

“Just Airing Out” Your Wet Walls and Carpets is NOT the Answer

Unfortunately, some homeowners think that repairing water damaged floors, walls or carpets (if they aren’t damaged too badly) is just a matter of “airing things out” and letting them dry naturally. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Proper water damage restoration means using moisture meters and special equipment to find every spot of moisture. From there, you have to extract and dry out the moisture, wherever it may be. This can mean extraction from furniture, walls, baseboards, carpets and wood floors.

You Have to Completely Dry Out Everything BEFORE You Repair It

Once you have stopped the source of the water, it is CRITICAL that you find every area that has gotten wet and start to dry it out immediately. The longer moisture stays locked in a cool, dark environment the faster mold and mildew grows. Once mold is present, you now have to switch gears and go into mold remediation, which is VERY expensive.

You want to find all flooring, carpet, walls and anything else that is damp or wet and immediately start to dry it out.

Once Everything is Dry, Now You Can Start Repairs

Using dehumidifiers, water extractors, blowers and other special equipment, we will extract as much moisture as possible. Depending on how badly damaged your walls and floors, there may need to be some replacement of drywall or flooring.

Once all the moisture is extracted, then you can finish repairs and replacement of anything damaged beyond repair. At this point, it is safe to seal up walls and put your carpets and floors in, as there is no potential for mold.

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