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Fun Facts About Newport Beach

Newport Beach is considered to be a seaside city that was first explored in early fifteen hundred by the Europeans. Native Americans first inhabited the city and in fifteen forty-two, a coastline was mapped by an explorer known as Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo.

The city was governed by both the Mexican rule and the Spanish rule. However, during the civil war the city was taken over by another by the American settlers and used this harbor for other businesses such as shipping and ranching.

Newport Beach Climate

Newport Beach CA experiences a Mediterranean climate, similar to that of other cities that are located at the coastal line, However; temperatures tend to change the course of the week which make it difficult to predict the weather condition. The best time to travel to this incredible city is during summer when the city experience cool summer temperatures.

Things to Do

This city is home to luxurious hotels and resorts. Visitors can access Newport Beach either by plane, rail or by car. You can look forward to various fun activity such as luxurious shopping, spa treatments and more. There are also free attraction sites that are located within the harbor and mountain areas with hiking trails.

Apart from hiking, you can also engage in water sports such as swimming, diving and even water skiing. Besides outdoor activity you can choose to attend the famous Newport Beach Film Festival, which features more than three hundred short films annually.

Another interesting thing that you can do alone or a family is explore new art work at Balboa Island. Here, you will find over a hundred artists who are showing their talent and selling the art work as well. The art work consists of paintings, sculptures and even customizing of jewelry.

What To Expect During The Night

The fun does not stop during the day, and this amazing city is popular for a trendsetting nightlife. Newport Beach offers a variety of intoxicating bars and hotspots for late night events.

If you want to enjoy music, good company and libations, there are plenty of resorts, bars and restaurants that have karaoke, local bands or jukeboxes to go with their food and drink selections. Places like the Blue Beet, The Rusty Pelican, Mutt Lynch’s, The Beach Ball and more along both Newport and Balboa Piers can make for a rocking good time.

Newport Beach also hosts summer jazz events and series which are all day and into the night affairs packed with local and national live music acts. Along with the live music, there is a huge selection of food, beer and wine vendors to keep you hydrated and fed.

However, if you wish to listen to latest music and relax while you enjoy table service, then you can make your way to one of the landmark nightclubs near Newport and Balboa Piers. The nightlife at Newport Beach is not all about clubbing; there are some of the finest restaurants in Southern California in the area, with almost any type of cuisine you could want available to you.

There is Something For The Entire Family

This is a great place to visit because there is something to do for everyone. Furthermore, the locals are friendly which make it comfortable for one to stay.