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The Differences Between Truck Mounted and Portable Steam Cleaning Equipment

If you are thinking about getting your carpets cleaned, you will want to know that you are hiring a dependable company to perform the work for you. This is why you need to understand some of the terminology used in the carpet cleaning industry and how to use it to find a great company for your needs.



One of the things that you will probably hear people talking about is the differences between portable and truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment. In fact, you will likely have folks tell you that whatever “their system” is the best set up. It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish and the level of overall cleaning that you are trying to achieve that will determine which system fits your needs.

When truck mounted extractors came out onto the market, they were a vast improvement over the portable units that existed at the time. Since then, portable units have gotten much better, but they are still no match for truck mounted equipment.

You simply cannot get as deep a carpet cleaning with an electric portable unit as you can with a fuel-driven unit. You will want to know exactly what types of equipment the steam cleaning companies in your area are using. Find out which brands and models of cleaning systems are being used.


To help you choose smartly, you will also want to find out about which cleaners the companies are using. Do you want to use a carpet cleaning company that relies on organic or green methods of cleaning, one that uses the safest but strongest cleaning agents possible, or one that just uses the strongest formulas, no matter what? You want to choose a company that uses the type of cleaners that make the most sense to you, get the job done and makes you feel safe.

Understanding the differences between the companies, such as the type of extractors that are being used and the kind of cleaning solutions involved will help you to know several things about the business.


Remember that when you let someone into your home to clean the carpets you need to feel good about the business and their employees. Doing some research into any business where people will be coming into your home is always a good idea. The best place to start is asking family and friends; after that, a Google Search for “best carpet cleaning” and your city will usually turn up the best companies.

Find out what type of extraction methods will work best with your needs. What types of dirt and debris do you have gathering into the nooks and crannies of your carpeting? You will want to look for things like allergenswater damagepet urine, odor or stains and more.

It is important that the extraction methods you choose will work well in regards to your needs. It’s also important to remember that professional steam cleaning companies may also offer upholstery and rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning services.

Find out which of the carpet cleaning companies in your community have the best reputations and why. Remember that it is not always the biggest company that is the best. Find one whose services most closely match your needs in order to have a satisfying long-term relationship. You will be glad that you took the time to do your research prior to hiring someone to clean your carpets.